Plastic Chrom Shower Mixer

Plastic Plastic chrom Shower Mixer
Function : Hot (90degree) and cold
Material: ABS+POM

Product Details

Products Name                                        

Plastic Plastic chrom Shower Mixer 

Function : Hot (90degree) and cold 

Material: ABS+POM 

Colour: Porcelain White or Chrome or any other colour 

Weight : 323G white / 331G chrome

The characteristics of plastic faucets are:                   

1.The plastic faucet has good insulation effect, heat and corrosion resistance, is not easy to be deformed, and is safe to use.

2.The plastic faucet has strong impact resistance and is made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials. It is non-toxic and tasteless and will not cause harm to the human body.

3.The decorative part of the plastic faucet can be distinguished from the color of the valve body and the switch. Simple, use, generous and diverse choices can meet the individual needs of consumers.

Details of the Faucets            





Supply Ability : 

5000 pieces per month 


500 pieces per model

Lead Time.: 

1-2000pieces 20days, more than 2000pieces to be negotiated 

Shipping port:


Payment Term:

TT, L/C 


***When installing a plastic faucet, you need to choose the right plastic faucet according to the pipe condition of the place where you are installing: the size and shape of the pipe. 

***Note that if the price of plastic faucets is very low. Then the manufacturers may use some harmful substances in their production process to reduce the production cost of the products. Therefore, when choosing plastic faucets, it is necessary to see whether the brand is worth buying. Need to choose a good brand.

***Also, before installation, you need to prepare related tools such as glue, saws, wooden sticks, etc. Adhesive is used to closely connect the plastic faucet to the pipe it is in contact with.

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