Characteristics of Plastic Ball Valve

- Apr 25, 2019-

Plastic ball valves are made of different materials at temperatures ranging from - 14 C to 100 C and - 40 C to 140 C. All parts are assembled by RPP or PVDF injection parts.

Plastic ball valves have excellent corrosion resistance. The sealing ring adopts F4. It has excellent corrosion resistance and prolongs service life. Flexible rotation, easy to use.

As an integral ball valve, the plastic ball valve has less leakage points, high strength and convenient assembly and disassembly. Installation and use of ball valves: When connecting flanges at both ends with pipelines, bolts should be tightened evenly to prevent flange deformation from leaking. Turn the handle clockwise to close, and turn it on. It can only be cut off and flowed through, and it is not suitable to have flow regulation. Liquid containing hard particles can easily scratch the surface of the ball.