Domestic Status of Valves

- May 09, 2019-

In terms of technical support for valve production and R&D, domestic valves are not lagging behind foreign valves. On the contrary, many products are comparable in technology and innovation with international enterprises. The development of domestic valve industry is moving towards high-end modernization.

Promoted by industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, the prospects of valve equipment manufacturing industry in China are still broad. In the future, high-end, localization and modernization of valve industry will be the main direction of valve industry development. Pursuing continuous innovation and creating a new market for valve enterprises can enable enterprises to survive and develop in the tide of increasingly fierce competition in the pump and valve industry.

With the continuous development of valve technology and the widening of valve application field, the corresponding valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. Valve industry products enter an innovative period, not only product categories need to be updated, but also internal management needs to be deepened according to industry standards.