Installation of shower faucet

- Mar 14, 2019-

Although the faucet is a small part, its function is very important. The pipeline laying of the bathroom is complex, and there are cold and hot water, so its installation and placement also has many particularities.


Generally speaking, flower sprinkler and tap are installed and used together. The tap is 70-80 cm away from the ground, the height of shower column is 1.1 m, the length of tap and shower column joint is 10-20 cm, and the height of flower sprinkler is 2.1-2.2 m from the ground. Consumers should fully consider the size of bathroom space when purchasing. The shower shower faucet can be installed on the wall, or in the wall, with only the handle exposed, or on the bathtub.

Be careful

Cold and hot water supply pipes should not be installed in reverse. Generally speaking, the hot water supply pipe is on the left side of the tap and the cold water supply pipe is on the right side. Except for special identification. After installation, remove foamers, sprinklers and other easily blocked accessories, let water flow out, remove impurities completely, and then install back. Tools attached to the tap should be retained for future maintenance. When disassembling and assembling the water intake hose, do not wrap the sealing tape, do not use the wrench, tighten it directly with the hand, otherwise the hose will be damaged. The length of elbow exposed should be determined according to the need of wall-hanging faucet. Otherwise, too many elbows exposed the wall, affecting the beauty.