Leakage treatment of faucet

- May 15, 2019-

In ordinary life, sometimes it is found that the tap drips after tightening, and drips continuously from the outlet or joint of the tap, which not only causes a lot of waste, but also sometimes causes some troubles. In fact, the structure of the faucet is very simple, the maintenance of leakage can be repaired by hand. Generally speaking, the problem of leakage can be solved by replacing the parts of the shaft gasket or triangular seal gasket inside the faucet. But you have to turn off the main switch of the faucet at home before the renovation.

Regarding the repair of the leakage at the joint of the faucet, the cause of the leakage is nothing more than the damage of the sealing tape of the fastening faucet part (fixed screw). So as long as the faucet is taken off with pliers and the new sealing tape is reeled in the place where the screw is fixed, the following steps are taken for maintenance: first, fasten the faucet and turn the faucet off counterclockwise with pliers. Secondly, the threaded holes are rolled outward with wind-printed tape clockwise 5-6 times in the threaded part.

See if the faucet has been adjusted to tie the water clamp in the direction of clock. After the final installation, try turning on the main switch to confirm whether there will be leakage.