Notices for Choosing and Purchasing Faucets

- May 31, 2019-

Weight: Can not buy too light faucet, too light is mainly in order to reduce costs, hollowed out the copper inside, faucet looks large, not heavy to pick up, it is easier to withstand hydraulic bursting.

Handles: Composite faucets are easy to use because when using a sink, only one hand is usually empty.

Water outlet: The water outlet placed high makes it easy to fill the basin.

Valve spool: This is the heart of the faucet. The cold and hot water faucets are all made of ceramic spools. The best quality of the spools is the name of Spanish track, Taiwan's Kangqin and Zhuhai.

Rotating Angle: Rotating 180 degrees makes it easy to work, while rotating 360 degrees makes sense only for a sink in the middle of the house.

Elongated showerhead: Enhance effective radius and fill tank and container more quickly.