Selection Skills of Shower Faucets

- Apr 13, 2019-

At present, many brands of faucets are designed with different styles of products, consumers can choose according to their preferences and bathroom style. Common faucet surface has titanium-plated gold, chromium-plated, paint, porcelain and other types, stainless steel chromium plating is the most common. Colour faucets are also loved by people. The colours are red, yellow, black and blue. They can be matched with other appliances in the bathroom to embellish the bathroom.

According to performance

When choosing the faucet, first of all, we should switch and touch the handle several times to see if the handle is delicate and loose, too loose and too tight is not good. Surface smoothness is also one of the key points. The better the surface treatment, the smoother and brighter the surface. It shows that the better the process, the better the quality of the surface can be indirectly reflected. In addition to these, we also need to see if there are trachoma or cracks in the joint of the faucet. Trachoma is a small hole and crack on the surface and inside of copper material in the casting process. If trachoma exists, it will seep after water is opened, and it will break when it is serious.