The character of faucet in different material

- Aug 31, 2019-

1, Stainless steel faucet

The stainless steel coming different type like 201,304 316 etc. For sanitaryware , 304 will be suitable The biggest selling point of 304 stainless steel faucet is "lead-free environmental protection"

But the stainless steel faucet now uses the "fine mold" manufacturing process, also known as the "wax dissolution demoulding" process. This kind of technology has just emerged, there are not many manufacturers who can master its core technology, and there are certain technical barriers. Due to the small number of manufacturers, the price is higher.

2, Brass faucet

There are two kinds of processing methods for brass faucets: the low-end products adopt the “sanding sand” process; the high-end products adopt the steel mold “gravity die-casting” process. Both of these production processes are currently very mature and can be mass produced in a short period of time. Therefore, the cost is controllable and conducive to circulation.

But generally, the raw materials used in the copper faucets sold in the market contain lead, and unless it is made of 68 pure copper, it can be lead-free.

3, Zinc alloy faucet

The price of the zinc alloy faucet is much lower than that of the brass faucet, and the faucet is easier to produce on a large scale. Zinc alloy faucets have high lead content, and long-term use of lead-containing kitchen faucets has a great impact on the health.

4, ceramic faucet

Compared with other faucets, ceramic faucets have the advantages of no rust, no oxidation and no wear and tear, and the appearance of ceramic faucets is beautiful and generous.

5, plastic faucet

The plastic faucet is rich in shape and color, and has good decoration and practicality. plastic faucet has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties, good heat resistance, no deformation, not easy to scratch. plastic faucet has good impact resistance and dimensional stability, and is non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy. plastic faucet is tough, low water absorption, corrosion resistance, simple installation, durable. And cost of the plastic is much more compitive and has become an increasingly popular product for consumers

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