High Quality PVC Butterfly Valve

Type.:Top quality PVC body red handle butterfly valve
Material: UPVC
Specification: 50 65 80 100 125 160 200

Product Details

Quick Details of Butterfly Valve                           

Type.:Top quality PVC body red handle butterfly valve 

Material: UPVC  

Specification: 50 65 80 100 125 160 200

Applicable medium.: water / weak acid/ weak base 

Structure: Shutoff 

Colour: Many colors 


Packing .: poly bag, inner box , carton or customized 






FEATURES OF PRODUCTS:                                  

1. Hygienic, non-chemical, green building materials.

2. Convenient and reliable installation: It adopts homogenous hot-melt connection, which can complete a joint connection in a short time, which is convenient and time-saving to install.

3. Insulation and energy saving: The thermal conductivity is 0.24W/mK. It is only one-twentieth of the metal tube, and the heat loss for the hot water pipe is very small.

4. Light weight and high specific strength: the specific gravity is about one-eighth of that of steel pipe, high pressure test strength, good toughness and good impact resistance.

5. The inner and outer walls of the product are smooth, the flow resistance is small, and the energy consumption of the fluid delivery system is small.

6. High heat resistance: The long-term normal working temperature of the conveying water is 70 °C, and the short-time use high temperature can reach 95 °C.

7. Corrosion-resistant, non-fouling: It can avoid the fouling of pipe scale and the rust of the basin and bathtub.

8. Long service life: The normal service life can reach more than 50 years.


The plastic butterfly valve is lined with PTFE coated with a spherical sealing surface. The valve is light in operation, tight in sealing performance and long in service life; it can be used for quick cutting or regulating flow. Suitable for applications requiring reliable sealing and good regulation characteristics. The valve body adopts a split type, and the seal at both ends of the valve shaft is controlled by a rotating base surface between the disc plate and the valve seat plus fluororubber; the valve shaft is not in contact with the fluid medium in the cavity. It is widely used in the transportation of liquids and gases (including steam) in various types of industrial pipelines. It is used in places with severe corrosive media such as sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, strong alkali and aqua regia. Sexual medium.


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