Plastic UPVC Pipe Quick Connector

Material.: Plastic
Colour: grey ,white and black
Size/Spec..: 20/25/32/40/50/63/75/90/110/125/160

Product Details

Plastic UPVC Expansion Coupling                      

Material.: Plastic 

Colour: grey ,white and black 

Size/Spec..: 20/25/32/40/50/63/75/90/110/125/160

Pressure: Normal Pressure 

Connection: Socket 

Package.: ploy bag /inner box/ carton   




Features of UPVC Expansion Coupling 

1. Strong corrosion resistance

Compared with ordinary cast iron pipe and galvanized pipe, UPVC pipe has strong chemical stability, strong acid resistance, strong alkali, no rust and scaling, and no secondary pollution.

2, the fluid resistance is small

The inner wall of the UPVC pipe is very smooth, its surface roughness coefficient is only 0.009, the fluid resistance is very small, the water pressure will not be excessively reduced, and the water delivery capacity is effectively improved.

3, high mechanical strength

The UPVC pipe for water supply has good water pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength.

4, health and non-toxic

"Deng Quan" brand UPVC pipe for water supply uses unique green environmentally friendly resin raw materials and non-toxic stabilizers, so it will not damage the water quality and affect human health.

5, light texture, easy installation and construction

The density of UPVC pipe is one-fifth of that of ordinary cast iron pipe. It is convenient to load and unload, and it is sleeved by special glue or elastic seal. The installation is simple and quick.

6, the temperature performance of the water supply pipe

UPVC pipe for water supply is suitable for temperature range, room temperature is good, temperature is low, brittleness is increased, and installation is unfavorable; temperature is high, tensile strength is decreased, and water pressure resistance is lowered.

7, water tightness is good

15 minutes after the adhesive is connected, the bonding strength can reach 12.5kg/cm? or more, and after 120 minutes, it can reach 25kg/cm? or more. After years of use, there will be no obvious drop, and the sealing ring of the elastic seal sleeve It also has a considerable service life with UPVC pipes, and there is no aging water leakage.

8, long service life

Under normal conditions of use, the effective service life of UPVC pipes exceeds 50 years.

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