Plastic PPR Pipe Fittings Check Valve

Description.: PPR pipe fitting Check valve
Material.:PPR With Brass +stainless
Size.: 1/2’’ 3/4’’ 1’’ (20, 25,32)

Product Details

Quick Details of PPR Check Valve                     

Description.: PPR pipe fitting Check valve 

Material.:PPR With Brass +stainless 

Size.:  1/2’’ 3/4’’ 1’’ (20, 25,32)

Pressure grade : medium pressure 

Temperature: medium temperature

Colors: Green ppr or white ppr or grey ppr or customized 

Connection : Welding 

Application: general 

Usage: delivery water 






High quality materials

It is processed with domestic Yanshan raw materials and imported raw materials, and has special temperature resistance, cold resistance and environmental protection quality.

Quality assurance

Production process, high-pressure testing of equipment, if there is defects, sorting immediately

Long life

Corrosion resistance, no scaling, no rust and trouble, can be durable for at least 70 years under normal temperature and pressure

Green Environmental protection

The products are all made of new materials, which will not produce a pungent odor when welded, and only produce carbon dioxide and water after full combustion. Can use drinking water with confidence


PPR stop valve also named Globe valve: A valve that moves the closure (valve) along 

the centerline of the seat.

Due to the relatively short opening or closing stroke of the valve stem of this type of  valve, and the very reliable cutting function, and because the change of the valve seat opening is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap, it is very suitable for the adjustment of the flow rate.

Therefore, this type of valve is well suited for use as a cut or adjustment and throttling.

According to this form of motion of the valve flap, the change of the valve seat opening is proportional to the valve stroke.

Working principle

The shut-off valve/ check valve is of the ascending valve stem type, and the hand wheel rotates and ascends together with the valve stem.

The ppr stop valve/check valve has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance and convenient manufacturing and maintenance;


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